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Jobs management: A complete and personalized service

We remain at our customers service and develop new tools that we include in your Recruiter Account. Whatever package you choose, we are working on providing the most complete and innovative interface.

When you post a job:

  • A form to fill carefully with options like bold, italic etc.

  • An unlimited number of characters because you are not just offering a job position but also promoting a core business in a upscale place. You need to detail your ad as well as you can to seduce applicants who might already work for competitors.

  • A link to your career website could be added in the job offer, especially for those who prefer to receive applications through their corporate websites. In one click, you can choose to display your career website only.

  • A filter on the offer. Indicate your must-have criteria to our team (experience, language level etc.) and we will first pre-approve applications sent to you: we receive the applications and decide, according to your recommendations, to forward this application to you or to reply to him/her in case of non-matching profile. Important: you can also consult the profiles we refused at any time.

After you created your job offer:
  • Updating your job
    Anytime you need, for example to complete it or correct it. In our No Limit package, you can modify both job title and body whereas body only in the credit solution.

  • A new date every Monday
    In one click when you create your offer, we propose to modify the date every week and change it into the Monday's date. By this way, people will know that you are still looking for applicants during the current week.

  • Statistics and figures concerning your job offers
    You can see how many times your ad has been viewed since it has been turned online and during the current week as well. You can also view the number of applications received from our online profiles (we cannot keep track of the replies sent by email / mail…).

  • CV click button
    Each job is associated with a CV click: in one click, you will find the profiles containing the keyword from your job title. You can consult every profile in this list as often as you wish.

  • Receive your applications
    With a button next to your jobs, you can view the applications you received. You will also receive an email for each application, including the profile in the body or in attached file. This option can be modified for each job offer.

  • Create your canned responses and reply to applicants easily for a negative response for example or if you want to have more details for an application etc.

  • Your personalized summary every Monday
    We send you every week a summary email with :
    - a list of your job offers online
    - offers' figures of the week
    - jobs searched by applicants during the past 7 days.
    You will thus be informed without having to log in to your Recruiter Account.

  • Turn your offer on/offline
    in our unlimited package, you can turn on- and off-line any offer anytime. When a job position is filled for example, your can turn it offline and it will remain in your Recruiter Account. By this way, you will be able to turn it online when this job position will be vacant again, without having to create a new offer everytime.

And once your subscription ended ?
We know that most of the companies are not recruiting during the whole year, that is why we propose to conserve your Recruiter Account in our data at the end of your subscription. By this way, we will save your information (presentation, logo, job offers, consulted profiles, etc.) and once you need to recruit again, you will find your same Recruiter Account.


YOUR CHAIN ACCOUNT to visualize and manage the whole companies of a same chain and to copy job offers from a company to an other: we will open a free Chain Account where anyone can find the other members of the group, for example to add in one click a job offer from a company to an other. You may still modify and adapt this job offer if you need to.

We display the offers in a standard model for a better visibility to applicants. They know where to find the right information and are not lost among the different job offers. But we also understand that you might need to display your own graphics standards and we can adapt it to our website, after a complete study of your specifications, starting at 950 euros (excl. VAT). This amount will be asked only once, when we will set up your graphic standards in our website.
You may also implement your graphics standards on all your recruiting days starting at 750 euros (charged only once at each implementation of a new graphics standards).
Both graphics standards starting at 1,500 euros

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