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Our clients put our job board at the top of list for recruited applicants source, followed by internal recruitment and their own personal network.

115 jobs filled these last 30 days
thanks to Luxury Hospitality Career:

- Responsable stewarding - Palace (France)
- Sous-chef pâtissier - Palace (France)
- Stage contrôle de gestion - Palace (France)
- Community manager - Hôtel 5 étoiles

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150 euros

One job

for 45 days

Partial access
to profile database

Up to 75 euros per job
for a pack of 10 credits


180 euros

One month

job posting

Full access
to profile database

Without automatic renewal

Order online
More details on our two solutions

This solution is perfect for occasional need.

No deadline to use your jobs credits.

Each job offer is online for 45 days renewable once on request (ie 3 months in total).

One post = one job so that it touches the right target.

Access to all the resumes matching your search
This solution is perfect for a large hotel, an opening or seasonal hotel.

We are providing an unlimited job posting in order to make your life easier and save your time and money: once you subscribe, you can use your Recruiter Account as often as you wish, without any surprise nor additional costs.

One post = one job so that it touches the right target.

Volume discount rate starting with two hotels from a same group.

Why a so small price difference between the job credit solution and the No Limit one?

Thanks to the No Limit solution we offer to our applicants a large choice of jobs because recruiters may publish, for the same price, all profiles that they are looking for.

We adapt the rate of No Limit solution so that it is less expensive than two job credits.

For the new customers, the No Limit solution allows them to discover all our services and see the results on different job profiles.

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Our customers are our greatest ambassadors!

  • " Applicants have an experience that matches our luxury standards "

  • " Quality of the resumes ", " Quality of the applicants ", " Quality of the applications "

  • " Very easy to put jobs online and to manage them quickly "

  • " Well designed and user friendly website "

  • " Excellent value for its price "

  • " Unlimited job posting is a top feature! "

  • " A good SEO ", " A very popular site "

  • " Many very interesting features like adding videos or pictures "

  • " Job offers can be updated anytime during our subscription "

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