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Vacancies filled during the month of May 2018!

Category: Worldwide Recruitment / Job / Training
Article written by Anne-Laure Hecquet on 2018-06-13

More than 2 300 opportunities for jobs, work experience and part-time training have appeared in our publication: Journal des Palaces - Luxury Hospitality Daily.

This represents 14 318 applications that were sent in May to our recruiting clients. This is in addition to all the applications made directly on our clients’ corporate sites.

Here is a quick overview of some of the positions that have been filled in luxury hospitality, 4 and 5 star hotels through our services:
  • Assistant revenue manager Hospitality Group
  • Group project & conferences coordinator in a Palace (France)
  • Event & sales coordinator in a 5-Star Hotel (Switzerland)
  • Sales manager in a 4-Star hotel
  • Human ressources manager in a 5-Star Hotel
  • Sales & marketing coordinator - Full time in a 4-Star hotel
  • Sous-chef of cuisine in a 5-Star Hotel
  • Supervisor - Restaurant in a Palace (France)

Do you want to view more? You can find all our filled vacancies here!

Wishing you all a wonderful week !

Vacancies filled

About the author

Anne-Laure Hecquet, Communication & International Development Manager
Specialized in communication and recruitment, Anne-Laure participates, since January 2018, in the development of the Luxury Hospitality Daily (Journal des Palaces in French) by being attentive to the specifics needs of the recruiters and partners whether it is in the implementation of events or custom-made tools or services. Anne-Laure also writes articles for the Career section.

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