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News on Luxury hospitality and gourmet restaurants

We publish here daily press releases about ultra-luxury and luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Good reading!
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Four Seasons appoints Jean Claude Wietzel as Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Field under: Europe - France - Career - Appointment

From June 2018, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris welcomes Jean Claude Wietzel as Regional Vice President and General Manager. Following a 16-year long career with Four Seasons, Wietzel makes the move from his most recent post as Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea in Hawaii to Europe to oversee his new region from the iconic Parisian hotel.After a Master of Business Administration in International Hotel Management in France at IMHI (Cornell University - ESSEC) and an international career, Wietzel joined the Four Seasons fami...

Meeting with Mr Tomás Feier, Managing Director, Disneyland Hotel

“Stay curious and try everything.” Tomás Feier offers key advice for starting a career in luxury hospitality, based on his own career path.For this German national, born in Tenerife and living in France now for more than 15 years, “the hotel business is in the family genes,” and from a very young age, he wanted to work in hospitality.Tomás graduated from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in 1991, and soon after he received an offer of employment from InterContinental in Spain....

Comptoir du Bambou, the bath linen focused on Excellence

Field under: Europe - France - Supplier

With a customer-oriented philosophy, Comptoir du Bambou's bath linen improves the customer experience while simplifying the daily life of hoteliers. Thanks to an innovative fiber, their bamboo linen is more qualitative, more practical, more economical and more ecological. THE PROJECT GENESIS, A FAMILY STORY Born into a hotelier family, Nicolas Sclippa, co-founder, has always observed his parents dealing with bath linen problems. Second expense item for a Hotel, it wears out quickly, becomes rough and is energy consuming. Maud Lalo, co-founder, has always seen her family to break codes, particularly with the company G.LALO, which revolutionized stationery thanks to a new material made of cellulose. Maud Lalo...

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